The Board of Education held a meeting on July 24, 2017 at 6:00pm in the EPG JH Library. You can find the report of that meeting here. 


 Visitors Present - 4


  • Legislative Update: Representative Tom Bennett shared his perspective on the current legislative situation in Springfield. The state budget has been passed, but schools do not receive any funding until an Evidence Based Funding Model is approved by the legislature. This is the tool to determine how much money schools will receive. There is one bill, Senate Bill 1, that has passed both the House and the Senate. It is behind held in the Senate currently and has not been sent to the Governor. Until that bill - or another containing an Evidenced Based Funding Model is approved - school districts will not receive state funding. The first payment for public schools throughout the state must be vouchered during the first week of August in order for schools to receive their payment on August 10th as scheduled.

  • Surfaces: There was discussion regarding a couple areas where sidewalk and asphalt is in need of repair. As a part of the Risk Management Plan that was approved, there will be a review of surfaces throughout the district and work will be prioritized.

  • Board Meeting Change: School districts make the tentative budget available to the public 30 days prior to the annual budget hearing and establishing a budget. Since the original August meeting was late in the month, it would have provided less than 30 days before the September meeting. The board considered adding an additional meeting in August, but preferred to move the August meeting up a week.


Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes.

  • Approved financial reports and bills.

  • Approved new schedules for Speech Language Pathologists Karen Dudek-Brannan, Sara Holderby, and Tammy Anderson.

  • Approved Lauren McAnally as JH Math Teacher.

  • Approved Mattie Wallace as HS Spanish Teacher.

  • Approved Alexandra Jordal as JH Social Studies Teacher.

  • Approved Amber Bus as Director of Instruction.

  • Approved nursing contract with Advocate Eureka Hospital.

  • Approved Jared Souhrada as Assistant JH Boys Baseball Coach.

  • Approved Derek Stoller, Dustin Stoller, and Austin Hendren as volunteers for JH Boys Baseball.

  • Approved Elizabeth Graeber as Assistant JH Girls Softball Coach.

  • Approved J.T. Carr and John Dent as volunteers for JH Girls Softball.

  • Approved Inga Grube and Dave Allen as volunteers for JH Cross Country.

  • Approved Don Young as volunteer for HS Golf.

  • Approved Jaclyn Heller, Stephanie Hiles, Emily Jenkins, Justin Kissinger, and Mattie Wallace as volunteers for HS Volleyball.

  • Approved Karen Mool as volunteer for HS Football Cheerleading.

  • Approved Jeannie SantAmour as volunteer for HS Cross Country.

  • Approved Hayden Clements, Dan Gould, John Meinhold, Tristun Reeves, Hunter SantAmour, Andy Vanscyoc, Merlin Haas, and Robert Roberts as volunteers for HS Football.

  • Approved disposal of surplus items.

  • Approved Title I Schoolwide Plans.

  • Approved student handbooks.

  • Approved retaining past closed minutes as closed and destroying closed session audio tapes per board policy.

  • Approved HS Show Choir Camp and Lock-In.

  • Approved Risk Management Plan.

  • Approved Agreement with Forecast 5.

  • Approved purchase of floor scrubber.

  • Rescheduled August Board Meeting to be held on August 21, 2017 at EPG Junior High Library.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 21st at 6:00p in the EPG JH Library.



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