Prior to our December Board meeting, we will have 3 public hearing meetings. They will be at 6pm, 6:20pm, and 6:40pm on December 18th in the Centennial Library. The formal hearing notices are posted below. I wanted to also share a little more information about what a hearing is, and each one in particular. Formal processes like these can seem strange - and often require awkward wording. My intent is to translate some of the legalese - and be open about what the hearings are all about. If you're interested, read below. And if you want to see the official public notices, click below and scroll down. You can see the official agendas by clicking here.

Public Hearings

These are formal sessions designed to explain to the public what is being considered, allow members of the public to share their thoughts on the topic, and allow questions to be answered. Their purpose is to allow for community input in official decisions. Essentially they are structured the same. I explain what the proposal is. Then there's a chance for public members to make comments if they would like (3 minutes or less per person). Then the Board members may have comments or discuss the topic. And then the hearing closes. We will bring it up as a discussion item at the Board meeting. At this point, it is not a public discussion but a time for the Board to deliberate on the item at hand. Then most likely an action item at the end of the meeting where we will decide to move forward with the item or not. With each of these topics we have talked about them in previous meetings. Those discussions have been agenda items, have been included in Board reports, and publicized in our local papers. We have shared information on those topics with staff members, and you can find those summaries on this blog as well. We have tried our best to have an ongoing conversation over a few months to fully consider the topics and allow time for input, thoughtful consideration, and we plan to discuss and decide in December. 

Truth in Taxation Hearing
The first hearing will be to share the proposed tax levy. It will be at 6:00pm. Each year in December we set the levy. We talk to the county assessors, get an estimate of the value of property in our district (EAV), and then determine how much money we will ask for in taxes. We are proposing a levy that is designed to keep the school tax rate the same as it was last year. At the hearing, I'll explain the process of keeping the tax rate steady, why the notice says we are increasing taxes more than 5%, and help answer any questions. 

Waiver on Limitation of Administrative Costs
This is the second hearing that will take place about 6:20pm on December 18th. There's a rule that districts cannot increase the amount of money paid in administrative line items more than 5% in one year. Those line items typically include some district office expenses, administrative salaries, and benefits. It makes sense that those costs would be limited to a 5% increase each year. Recently a large portion of the superintendent salary has been paid from a line item that isn't included in that report. It isn't wrong to do that, but to some it can appear that a district is hiding that money. Our goal is to be open and honest in our communication, so we are going to pay my salary out of a fund that is included in that total. In order to make that change this year it looks like we are spending a bunch more money on administrators. We are spending more money out of those line items, but that's because we are not spending it out of other line items that aren't included in that total. If you have questions, feel free to drop by the office. I'll be glad to show you those various line items and answer questions you might have. 

Waiver of Employee NonResident Tuition
We are considering a proposal to allow full-time employees of EPG to bring their children to our schools even if they do not live in our district. We would waive the normal cost of tuition for them. We have talked about this topic for the past couple months and will discuss it further at the final hearing on December 18th at 6:40pm in the Centennial Library. Following the hearings, we will begin our regularly scheduled Board meeting at 7:00pm in the same location. 




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