New legislation requires all schools serving K-5 students to test each water faucet for lead. A letter was sent out via email today to parents who have children at Jefferson Park, Centennial, and the Junior High. You can read the letter in full by clicking on "Read More" below. The short version is that we found some traces of lead at Centennial and in the 5th/6th-grade building, but nothing major. We are taking precautions to address even places where there were minor findings. 

Dear EPG Families:

This year a new law was passed requiring all schools where students in grades K-5 are served to test their water for lead. This letter is to inform you that EPG has complied with Senate Bill 0550. This is a summary of test results and our current plan. It should also assure you there is no need to be concerned about the quality of drinking water at EPG schools. We had an IEPA accredited lab test our water. There are no significant threats, but there are a few places where small amounts of lead showed up in the results. We are addressing those areas.  

The EPA requires public drinking water to contain below 15 ppb (parts per billion) of lead. The new state law requires schools to address instances where any lead shows up. Through the testing, we did have a few faucets at Centennial and the 5/6 building at the Junior High that registered some levels. Between those two locations, there were three sinks where lead levels did exceed 15 ppb. We have shut those sinks off, replaced the faucets, and are having them retested. We did have 3 water fountains that showed readings under 15 ppb. We are installing filters on those water fountains as a precautionary measure. There were also some classroom sinks that showed some traces of lead but were below the 15 ppb level the EPA focuses on. We have replaced some faucets, are adding some filters, and will shut off classroom sinks that are not essential.

We have completed the initial testing. We will be attentive to lead levels and will monitor them periodically. While there are some areas to address, it is precautionary. Please know that none of the faucets students or staff drink from had high levels of lead.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in further detail, you may certainly give me a call at (309) 527-4410.


Brian Kurz
El Paso Gridley CUSD #11


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