El Paso Gridley CUSD #11 held their Regular Meeting of the Board of Education on November 19, 2018 at Centennial School. Click below for a summary of the meeting. 

Visitors Present - 3

Reports, Updates, and Informational Items

  • EPG Junior High Moving Toward 1:1
    Mr. Tomlinson reported his teachers are continuing to find new ways to engage students in learning through the use of Chromebooks, but are limited with the number of devices available. He discussed ways junior high teachers would like to expand their technology usage by moving to a 1:1 program over the next few years. Mr. Tomlinson shared that he is working on a proposal and would bring a recommendation on how to implement the next steps at the December Board Meeting.

  • 60 Minute Team Talks
    Ms. Throneburg shared that teachers at JP have worked with her to find time to meet with other grade levels twice each month. This was an idea that came from staff feedback and has provided an opportunity to make connections regarding the district curriculum.

  • Suicide Prevention Education and Screening
    Mrs. Buss reported on the elementary and secondary Parent Nights that were held earlier in November. The event for JH and HS parents provided information about the Signs of Suicide program, which is used to educate and support EPG students in grades 7-12. Students in grades 7-9 learned about how to identify signs of suicide, depression, and self-injury in peers and themselves. They then filled out a screener and, based on responses, parents were contacted and offered mental health resources both at school and outside of school. Students in grades 10-12 receive refresher training on the same topics through a partnership with Illinois State University nursing students under the supervision of EPG’s school nurse, Jane Deckert. The assessment team (Jil Stauter. Christy Quam, Jenny MacPherson, Mitzi McBride, Claire Braun) identified approximately 13% of our students needed immediate support, and 26% of our students who would benefit from additional supports. These percentages are in line with national averages. EPG staff will continue to partner with and support parents and students.

  • Board of Education Elections: The Board of Education will have elections for members on April 2, 2019. The petition period for elections is currently open. More information can be obtained by going to https://www.iasb.com/elections/ or contacting the Woodford County Clerk’s office.

Board Meeting Discussions

Consent and Action Items

  • Approved past open and closed meeting minutes

  • Approved financial reports and bills

  • Approved the following personnel actions:

    • Alexis Eberle, JH Scholastic Bowl Assistant (Hire)

    • Dean Paternoga, Bus Driver (Resignation)

    • Carrie Woggon, Transportation Director (Resignation)

    • Jennifer Whitcomb, JH Volleyball (Volunteer)

    • Emily Jenkins, JH Volleyball (Volunteer)

    • Katie Kurz, JH Volleyball (Volunteer)

    • Sheila Mool, JH Volleyball (Volunteer)

    • Jordan Kessinger, HS Freshman Boys Basketball As Warranted Coach (Hire)

    • Jeff Sinn, HS Boys Basketball (Volunteer)

  • Approved High School Course Additions for the 2019-2020 School Year.

  • Approved Fixed Rate Fuel Bid from Evergreen FS.

  • Approved Worker’s Compensation Insurance Renewal from Ramza Insurance Group.

  • Approved Tentative Tax Levy.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be December 17, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Centennial School Library.



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