The February Board Meeting was held last night. The formal minutes will be posted once they are reviewed and approved, but you can check out a summary of the meeting here. Just click below to read more. 

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There were probably some happy parents and some not-so-happy students Monday morning to find out EPG schools in session. While everyone is placing bets, here’s what is happening behind the scenes to decide whether or not we have school. 

Sunday evening I looked at a couple weather websites. In addition to just the forecast, we look at hourly projections of the next morning. Sometimes I will consult other superintendents or area road commissioners about the current conditions if it is an ongoing weather situation. 

Monday morning I looked online at an update of hourly weather forecasts and at 4:15 am I began driving roads. There are a few of us from the district that get on the roads at different parts of the district to check weather conditions. We drive the main roads, some town roads, and some country roads throughout the district. At about 5:00am I pulled into the district office and had several text conversations with people out on the roads - district employees, township commissioners of areas of the district we hadn’t traveled, and nearby school superintendents. 

My intention is to gather as much information as possible and make a decision by 6:00 am if at all possible. If the decision is made to cancel school, we will first send out an automated phone call, and then post something on Twitter, Facebook, and the website. Then we will begin contacting local media stations. 

We never want to put our drivers and students on buses when we feel it is dangerous. We also recognize a lot of parents cannot just take the day off when school is canceled, and there are real challenges to find good childcare options for all our students with very little lead time. The trick comes when some areas of the district are hit much harder than others. It is certainly not an exact science, but we will work together to make the best decision possible. I will make some right decisions, and some wrong ones - but we have a pretty good team of people working together to get as much information possible to base those decisions on. 

I am thankful to those throughout the district who are hard at work treating, preparing, and clearing roads during difficult weather. It is because of their hard work we can often get to and from school safely. Too often I take that for granted. 

- Brian

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