This past week you have likely heard a lot of talk about the new school funding bill. While it's been debated for quite some time, things progressed quickly this week. As I write this, the House and Senate have passed the new legislation. The Governor has praised the compromise bill, and indicated he will sign it quickly. The Comptroller has indicated as soon as it is signed, she will start cutting checks to schools for their missed payments. 

It has been quite a process for the state of Illinois. We have not had a budget for several years. Then we have a budget, but it didn't include a school funding formula. We watched plenty of political theater over the past few weeks leading up to this legislation being sent to the Governor. We know the general themes and topics of legislation when it is passed, but we do not know the specific impact until all the lines of the law have been read, and then agencies determine just how to implement the new law. There are lots of details to filter in the next few months. My intention will be to study the new legislation (and rules that come with that) through the lens of "What does this mean for our students, our staff, and EPG?" Here's my first take on that. 

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Boards of Education in Illinois adopt their annual budget for the fiscal year prior to the end of September. Part of the process is to create a Tentative Budget. The EPG Board established the Tentative Budget at the Board of Education meeting on Monday night (8/21). As of Monday evening, that Tentative Budget is on display in the district office. (See below to a link to the tentative budget.) In order to put the Tentative Budget in context, we have included the budgets and expenditures from the previous five years.

This year the Tentative Budget is probably more “tentative” than normal. We have not received the first two state aid payments of FY18. That’s approximately $200,000 we should have received in state funding. Hopefully there is a funding model approved by our state government prior to the end of September. Depending on how that plays out, we will know more information about how much to budget for. There are also a few other minor adjustments that will be made to the tentative agreement over the next few weeks.

Prior to our September Board Meeting, we will hold a budget hearing. That is a time where the budget will be presented with some additional information and an opportunity allowed for comments. The Board will then take action to finalize the budget for FY18 at the September meeting.

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