The LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) Cohort is an Illinois State Board of Education initiative. What originally started as a way to assist districts in meeting special education students’ needs in the least restrictive environment, the Cohort has expanded into a project aimed at helping districts identify their unique needs. This is the seventh year the state has supported this project providing each participating district guidance, work time and a mentor.

EPG is currently participating in this multi-year project with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement for all students by better addressing students’ social and emotional needs. What will this look like? The team isn’t sure yet. We are still collecting data from students, staff, and parents. However, a formal plan of action should be in place for next school year.

For more information please contact a core team member: Jenny Evans, Jefferson Park First Grade Teacher; Tim Fairchild, Centennial Principal; Scott Hogan, Tri-County Special Education Director; Kathy Johnson, High School Special Education Teacher; Jenny MacPherson, School Psychologist; Sheila Mool, Junior High Teacher; Nicole Rummel, Director of Instruction; Abby Young, Centennial Special Education Teacher. You can also learn more by viewing the LRE Cohort presentation (here) that was shared with the EPG Board of Education, Citizens Advisory Committee, and staff. 

Books for New & Experienced Teachers

The First Days of School  (Wong & Wong) - This is a classic resource for first year teachers.

What Great Teachers Do Differently (Whitaker) - Todd Whitaker discusses the specifics that separate the great teachers from those that are not.

Read more: Books Available in the Curriculum Office

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El Paso - Gridley CUSD#11 provides several opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.

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