Below you will see the new EPG district vision, board goals, and the revised slogan. You may also click here to download a complete copy of the file.

On Wednesday, March 19th, the eighth grade Writin’ Titan coaches met with nine students from Pontiac High School and their English instructor, Mike Soares.  Mr. Soares and his students plan to begin their own student-led writing center next year, similar to our junior high’s Writin’ Titan Program.  The eighth graders (Megan Endress, Emma Baker, Brayden Krug, Nolan Yochum, Chelsea Chiotti, Hannah Prochnow, Maddie Schlipf, Nathan Donaldson, Jaycie Shertz, Carson Lane, Cate Atkins, and Ella Blair) shared how our writing center program works and what tutoring strategies they utilize.  They also discussed their experiences as writing coaches and offered advice to the soon-to-be tutors from Pontiac.  Afterward, practice coaching sessions were held in which the Pontiac students helped the eighth graders brainstorm potential introductions to their upcoming research papers.  The visit concluded with a quick tour of our junior high’s writing center, housed in the computer lab.      

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            EPG has passed a resolution supporting Illinois Vision 20/20. To learn more about it, CLICK HERE. You may also view the files below.

Vision 20/20 Board Resolution

Vision 20/20 Board PowerPoint

Vision 20/20 Summary


El Paso - Gridley CUSD#11 provides several opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.

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