EPGJH held their 8th Grade End of the Year Ceremony on May 29th.  Pictured below are some of the Award Winners.

                Outstanding Vocal Award - Ashlyn Stone

                Out Standing Physical Education Award - Emma Baker and Shane Boyer

                Outstanding Art Award - Morgan Horine

                Outstanding Band Award - Jaycie Schertz

                Excellence in Physical Science Award - Madison Jording

                Golden Pen Award - Hannah Prochnow

                Outstanding Reading Student Award - Carson Lane

                Outstanding Math Award - Emma Baker

                Historian of the Year Award - Jaycie Schertz

                Sportsmanship Awards - Teron Fairchild and Ashlyn Stone

                American Legion Award - Bo Halvorsen and Cate Atkins

                Citizenship Award - Jaycie Schertz

                Gavin Grube Memorial Award - Carson Lane



On Wednesday, May 20, three veteran teachers who are retiring from EPG this year were honored in an after school celebration.  Gail Evans, 7th grade English teacher, has been teacher for 32 years in District and 3 years out of District, Ron Henkelman, 6th grade teacher, for 34 years in District and 1 year out of District, and Mary Sadoun, special education teacher, for 22 years in District and 1 year out of District.  Each of them will be missed by students and staff alike.  Thank you, Gail, Ron, and Mary for your passion for teaching and for the difference you've made in our students' lives.

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            EPG has passed a resolution supporting Illinois Vision 20/20. To learn more about it, CLICK HERE. You may also view the files below.

Vision 20/20 Board Resolution

Vision 20/20 Board PowerPoint

Vision 20/20 Summary


El Paso - Gridley CUSD#11 provides several opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.

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