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The El Paso Gridley Schools are a unit district that has approximately 1215 total students.  Each grade level, on average, has around 90 students.  The PreK-2nd students attend Jefferson Park School in El Paso; 3rd-4th students attend Centennial School in El Paso; 5th-8th grade students attend EPG Junior High in Gridley; and 9th-12th grade students attend EPG High School in El Paso.  The school system is committed to not only helping each child reach their academic potential, but also providing them the social and emotional support they need to succeed in today’s world.  

El Paso Gridley Unit District #11 includes 5 towns (El Paso, Gridley, Kappa, Secor, Panola) and encompasses 171 square miles.  The district sits in part of Woodford, McLean and Livingston Counties.  There are over 150 employees helping students grow and prosper each day.  

El Paso Gridley has a written K-12 curriculum.  Student growth is an on-going process during the year with curriculum adjustments being made based on student results and feedback.   EPG is also dedicated to developing the well-rounded child.  Many extra-curricular opportunities in athletics and the fine arts are available for all students in grades 7-12.  The El Paso Recreation Department provides many of those same opportunities for Pre-K through 6th grade students.  

Many new families each year are choosing EPG as their destination district and we hope you’ll consider joining them in becoming a Titan. 


Non Discrimination Coordinators
& Title IX Coordinators

Dr. DeAnn Heck, Superintendent

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FOIA Contact

Dr. DeAnn Heck, Superintendent

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Homeless Liason

Christy Quam

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District Report Card

The district report card is available on the Illinois Report Card website. 

Title IX Training Requirements

Title IX Coordinators completed required trainings on September 25, 2020. Training documents are available for viewing and downloading at this link: Title IX Slides.

District Calendar

The district events calendar and attendance calendars are available for viewing and downloading at this link: District Events.

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You can find our phone numbers and building locations at this link: Contact Us.

Staff can be contacted via the building office or email using the link in Staff Profiles.